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Whether you’re buying or selling,

your inspection is so much more than a report.


We educate as we go and develop a relationship with each client. We encourage you to keep our contact info and reach out with questions or advice about your home, or just to chat! A recurring accolade Ryan hears a lot from realtors is that he’s always available afterward; and he’s happy to be!


Ryan Smith - Co-Founder / Licensed Home Inspector / General Manager

Alyssa Smith - Co-Founder / Administrator

House & Home is a locally-owned, family-owned business. We know the area, and we enjoy serving our community. Fully licensed and insured home inspector in CT and MA.

Ryan has personally inspected or assessed over 4,000 homes in CT, MA, NY, NJ, and RI through his 16-year career.
He completed Porter and Chester Institute’s HVAC/R program in 2008 and worked in the field for 6 years installing residential and commercial systems. After attaining certifications of Building Analyst and Envelope Professional from Building Performance Institute in 2013 he began his focus on residential building and energy systems auditing, analyzing, and inspecting homes. For the last 11 years he’s worked to help home owners and buyers make sound decisions regarding purchases, upgrades, improvements, and renovations.


Alyssa’s experience includes working as Operations Manager for a world-renowned aviation training company, Training and Development, and Quality Assurance.

Ryan and Alyssa have been married for 11 years and share their home with their son, their niece, and their dog. Alyssa enjoys traveling, hosting family, making candles, and binging tv shows while sipping coffee. Ryan also enjoys traveling, as well as hiking, kayaking, sports, and riding his motorcycle. 

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Let us help customize the right package for you.

No pre-determined packages here. We’ll help you get what YOU want,

and make sure you get what you need.

Free home warranty included with every inspection!

We give you peace of mind when moving into your new home.


A thorough exterior and interior inspection including structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Each inspection also includes:

  • Infrared scan of interior areas and  electric distribution panels

  • Rodent inspection

  • Lifetime Recall Check for all HVAC units  and major appliances

  • A comprehensive easy-to-read  interactive Home Inspection Report with  notes and high-resolution photos is  provided upon completion of the  inspection

CHECK IT OUT! - You also receive a complimentary 5-year roof leak warranty, and a 90-day home warranty which covers any new issues found after the inspection including structural, mechanical, water main or sewer line, and mold. No strings, just free. PLUS you can choose to extend the warranty for up to 18 months!



Inspection for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood boring beetles. An official Wood Destroying Insect Report is provided upon completion of inspection.



Ryan uses a calibrated digital monitor to measure radon levels in the air for a minimum of 48 hours (real estate transaction minimum.) The radon monitors used are highly-accurate state-of-the-art units employing the latest technology for fast and clear reporting. A Radon Report is provided immediately upon retrieving the unit.
Radon (Rn) is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is inert, colorless, and odorless. It is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Most radon exposure occurs inside homes, schools and workplaces. Radon gas becomes trapped indoors after it enters buildings through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Indoor radon can be controlled and managed with proven, cost-effective methods.



Water quality samples are collected in specialized containers to be analyzed by an independent lab to determine if bacteria or contaminants are present in the water. Testing parameters include potability, radon, lead, arsenic, uranium, PFAs, VOCs, or others.



This test helps to determine if the components of a private well are functioning adequately. The test is performed for 60 minutes and can be done during a home inspection. The result can help determine if the system produces sufficient water flow at a sufficient pressure, and if repairs or adjustments are warranted.



Samples are collected using calibrated and specialized equipment and analyzed by an independent lab to determine specific spore DNA and/or allergens and irritants that can affect your health. A detailed report is provided in just 2 business days.



Ryan was trained and certified by the Dept. of Energy for Thermal Imaging. Infrared energy / heat of various levels is detected using the latest in thermal camera technology to determine if moisture is present in walls, floors, or ceilings, if insulation is lacking, where possible heat loss is taking place in the home, and if electrical breakers or circuitry are overheated. Identifying and correcting any findings can improve the home's energy efficiency, and help to prevent hidden secondary issues and hazards. 

Inspection for

Ryan is certified by CFSIC for the examination of concrete foundations for evidence of the mineral pyrrhotite which may cause crumbling foundations in homes built in CT and some surrounding areas between 1983-2015. An official report including photos is provided same-day.

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See what your neighbors are saying

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" I hired this company to conduct my home inspection. I'm glad that I listened to my realtor when she recommended Ryan. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Ryan was very thorough with the inspection and took his time to explain everything to us and how to mitigate the issues with the house. I highly recommend hiring Ryan for your next home inspection. "


- Maria N.

" Very punctual, reasonable pricing, professional in every way, every aspect and detail was explained thoroughly yet easily to be understood, impressive knowledge of all areas all around. Plus great additional services. Would highly recommend. " 

- Van O.

" I learned so much from my home inspection! We were able to negotiate for some fixes from the seller, and Ryan gave us a detailed report on things to watch and how frequently to check them. So glad to have used this service! "

- Linda F.

" Ryan recently did home inspection for me and he did an unbelievable job. He was incredibly thorough and his attention to detail was second to none. He took the time to explain everything to me and after he was done I really felt like I had a great understanding of the conditions of the house. I received my full report 30 minutes after the inspection which was very nice as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a first class home inspection! "

-Luke A.

" I would highly recommend House & Home Inspection Services. Ryan was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain, in detail, any issue that was present and how to fix them. He also answered all my questions and provided a detailed inspection report at the end, with pictures. 10/10 service from this company. "

-Nicholas B.

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Ready to schedule an inspection or have questions?

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We accept cash, check, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, and all major credit cards for all inspection services.


House & Home Inspection Services
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